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Our offer for souvenir and gift shops, information and tourist centres, hotels, pensions, accomodation facilities, restaurants ...

Spišské remeslené trhy 2003 Spišské remeslené trhy 2003 Keramická pec


  • gifts
  • souvenirs
  • reminder items
  • decorative items
  • commercial articles

We offer unconventional, unique souvenirs, gifts, reminder or commercial items for various occasions such as celebrations, banquets, weddings, New Year's Eve festivals, conferences, seminaries, meetings and many other happenings ..., eventually for decoration:

hand-made articles of a natural substance - baked clay

- natural or glazed in combination with leather or natural fibre

handicraft products of a folk art nature

- popular among foreign visitors and tourists

possibility to entitle the item according to wish

(name of facility, locality, happening)

seasonal and general artifacts

(Christmas, Easter, Valentine,...), (usable all the year round)

lucrative pricing

- offer reflecting production costs

You may see our on-line product catalogue.
We will mail you the price-list on demand:
Packing and delivery is dependent on arrangement. The photogallery and the catalogue contain only part of our production. Please contact us in case of your closer interest.
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